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Email Marketing


The New Means of Communication

E-mails have changed the way people communicate these days. The days of snail mail are now passé. These days electronic mail is used as the means of communication both on the corporate and personal front.
Email is an effective and powerful marketing tool that can be used to familiarize clients with new products and services, broadcast upcoming events and awards, and convey anything that your prospects may find interesting!

HTML vs. Text

The advantages of email advertising are plenty. For instance, it works out to be extremely cheap as compared to ordinary or snail mail. Besides being cheaper, it is also much faster as compared to ordinary mail. Millions of clients can be targeted, simply at the click of a mouse.
Email can be created in two formats - Text and HTML. As the name suggests, the text format contains plain text without any eye-catching graphics, images or colors. The HTML format on the other hand, contains graphics, colors and images, making it an ideal option for online.

Advantages of HTML

HTML offers several advantages over text formats such as:

  • They prove to be an ideal choice as they can bring about a more effective layout
  • The advertisements with HTML are more eye-catching and effective as compared to a text mail
  • HTML emails can contain interactive hyperlinks that enable users to visit sites of interest
  • HTML format also allows special effects such as sounds, movies clips and images
  • HTML also enables you to reinforce  your visual brand identity with graphic
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